Nobody on the internet actually cares about you. I’m sorry.
I don’t know. Culturally, I want less iPhones and more cars.

December 2022

Slowly, you awake to find yourself alone.

November 2022

Does creativity call for heresy? We look to a great of the Italian Renaissance.

October 2022

Atop the mountain, a monk tells stories of heaven and beauty.
On some days he worked and on others he painted.
Poking at the feelings and poetry of literature's macho men.

September 2022

On the hyper-optimization of love and why commitment is underrated.
Reflections on how to fuck around and when to find out.
On your way home, stop at the bookstore

August 2022

Knowledge freed the prisoner from his worldly prison but only honesty can put out his fires.

July 2022

A pattern language for understanding the world and my place in it.